Work Forms

Duplicates: 1. Work Forms 2. Work Forms

Students need to submit three work forms during each internship: an Assignment Record during the first three weeks and a Work Report and Student Performance Evaluation (from their supervisors) during the last two weeks of their work term..

Please submit your Assignment Record and Work Report directly through CareerBuzz.   After you’ve logged into CareerBuzz, click on the “Submit/Edit a C2D2 Placement or Access Reports” link under the MY QUICKLINKS section of your homepage.   Then you should click on the Edit button under the name of your employer.  Assignment Record and Work Report tabs are available for you to complete on your placement profile page.  You should receive reminder emails concerning completing both your Assignment Record and your Work Report during your work term.

Your supervisor will also receive an email at the end of your co-op/internship with a link to the Student Performance Evaluation.  NOTE:  We encourage supervisors to schedule a meeting at the end of your work term to discuss the completed evaluation so that you receive feedback on your performance.