Robbie Ouzts

Robbie Brawner Ouzts, NCC, LPC, BCC  joined Georgia Tech in 2009 as a Senior Career Specialist, a position created to serve the graduate student population with all aspects of career and professional development. Robbie brings years of recruiting and consulting experience from the private sector and career/professional development from higher education and non-profits sectors. 

Robbie believes everyone can benefit from counseling and or coaching to jump-start their job search or plot potential career paths. Graduate students sometimes try to “handle everything” but….should consider-top performers in business, government, education and athletics utilize counseling and coaching throughout their career to set goals and or work through problems to reach their potential.

Robbie has Masters Counseling from Delta State University and is a Board Certified Career Coach (BCC), National Certified Counselor (NCC) and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). She has additional training in WorkLIFE Planning Workshop with Richard Bolles and Domestic Abuse Training and Professional Boundaries from University of California, Davis. Robbie is also active in several professional organizations, American Counseling Association (ACA), National Career Development Association (NCDA), Georgia Career Development Association (GCDA), and the Graduate Career Consortium (GCC).

Robbie has served as Past President, President, Program Chair and Director at Large for GCDA, Statewide Career Fair Committee, GACE and is active as a member of the Georgia Tech Employee Resource Groups (ERG) RESILIENCE committee member.

Robbie received the “Friend of the Graduate Student” awarded by Graduate SGA given to an individual who has gone beyond their duty to help graduate students and be an advocate for them. Former Graduate Student Body President "We all felt strongly that Robbie exemplified this. Her love for and desire to help graduate students are evident. We have had wonderful reports about her from students that have worked with her. We were also impressed by her enthusiasm and eagerness to work with Grad SGA to make things better for graduate students. She has truly gone above and beyond our wildest expectations and we look forward to seeing what comes in the future."