Career Advising Appointments (Virtual and In-Person)

The Georgia Tech Career Center has a virtual check-in system for in-person appointments AND virtual appointments.

Appointments with Career Development Advisors, Career Educators, and Career Peer Advisors can be made through CareerBuzz by logging in and clicking "Counseling” at the top of the page. Click on the blue "Request New Appointment".

Please note there are virtual and in-person appointment options.

Appointment Check-In:

At the time of your appointment, please log in to CareerBuzz, click the “Counseling” tab, and under “Approved Appointments” click on the blue “Check In” button.

  • Virtual Appointments:
    • Once you check-in you will be provided with the advisor’s Zoom link. 
  • In-Person Appointments:
    • Please check-in on CareerBuzz using your phone or laptop and have a seat in the waiting area. The advisor will come to get you.

NOTE:  Please be advised that although you might be able to check in early, the advisor will be available at the exact time of your appointment.