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Goals and Objectives

The Georgia Tech Career Communities model is characterized by collaboration, customization, and consistency. GTCC brings the opportunity for more substantive relationships between the Career Center and campus partners through on-going conversations and participation in meetings and events with faculty, staff, deans,  and student organizations as well as partnering on career-related events and career education.

Our goal is to enable better customization of career education programs and services to students, aligned with each College’s or School’s priorities and needs, while maintaining consistency with career development objectives set by the Career Center around career readiness and employment or graduate/professional degree pursuits.

Intended Outcomes

  • Career services and career education become more of a campus ecosystem than one place or team.
  • More customized programming and work opportunities for the unique career development and employment needs of students in each major/school.
  • Increased career development engagement of students.
  • Broader and deeper integration of curricular and co-curricular student experiences and learning in order to shape career plans and enhance work readiness.

Information Sessions/Workshops

If you would like your Career Community to co-sponsor a career related event with your student organization, please contact one of your career advisors.  You can request an after hours Career Center led workshop by completing a request HERE.

Make an Advising Appointment

Steps to Make an Advising Appointment

  1. Sign into CareerBuzz
  2. Go to the QuickLinks section on the right hand side 
  3. Click the second link titled "Request an Advisor Appointment"
  4. Select a time and an advisor
  5. Schedule your appointment!