Building/Visitor Parking Map

A map of the Georgia Tech Career Center and the Georgia Tech campus is available for download in a PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download the application by going to the Adobe homepage. 

Parking Procedures:

The Visitor Parking Area has an automated parking attendant. You will be issued an automated ticket when you enter the parking area. The parking rate is $2.00 per hour (maximum of $20/day). When you exit the parking area you will insert your ticket into the automated attendant and then insert the payment amount indicated.  The parking attendant accepts cash and credit/debit cards as payment and will provide a receipt.

If the North Avenue Visitor Parking area is full, the next most convenient lot will be adjacent to the Student Center/Student Services Buildings. That lot is located on Ferst Drive. To get there turn left out of the parking area onto North Avenue. Take the first right onto Cherry Street, and follow it around the curve onto Ferst Drive. Proceed on Ferst Drive until you see the Student Center Parking banner (Parking Area 2) on the right side of the street.

Ticketing and/or "booting" of illegally parked vehicles is enforced. Ticket/towing fees must be borne by the recipient. Please park in one of these visitor lots.

Career Center Building Location

Our offices are located in the Bill Moore Student Success Center (1st Floor) and the Employer Check-in area for on campus interviews is located in the Basement area of the same building.  The building is located across the street from the North Avenue Parking Area. 

To get to our building you can cross the street underneath the crosswalk above the street or you can use the crosswalk at the top of the parking deck.  Once you walk across North Avenue from the parking area please follow the sidewalk to the right near the football stadium to the first building on the right (Building #31 - Bill Moore Student Success Center).  After entering the building take the elevators to the basement level if you are conducting interviews or to the 1st floor if you are meeting with one of our staff members.