How to Get Started

If your company has not previously hired Georgia Tech co-ops or interns or if you are not familiar with our programs, please speak to one of our Employer Relations Coordinators.  We would like to learn more about the opportunities you can provide to our students and share with you details about Georgia Tech’s co-op, internship, grad co-op and work abroad programs.

In order for a job to qualify for our GT Internship program, it must a supervised position related to the student’s major.  Jobs can be either paid or voluntary and either part-time (20-34 hours/week) or full-time (35+ hours/week).  In addition to major-related internships, our Leadership & Civic Engagement program allows students to intern for a non-profit or other civic organization. 

After determining if your position is a fit for the GT Internship program, we will send you information about our program and recruiting database, CareerBuzz.  If you wish, you can schedule a time to meet with us on campus or request that an advisor visit your job site. 

CareerBuzz will allow you to screen candidates by GPA, major and citizenship, and it will allow you to recruit through either On-Campus Interviews or Non-OCR Job Postings.   We recommend using fall semester to recruit for spring (January start date) and spring semester to recruit for both summer and fall (May or August start date).  Summer recruitment is also possible; however, there are typically no on-campus interviews held during summer semester.  Click here for a calendar of upcoming interview and work term dates.  Please review this calendar prior to scheduling an interview date with our staff.

A competitive salary, benefits such as a housing stipend, and enticing job descriptions will improve your odds of attracting talented co-ops.  Contact a GT Internship advisor for a copy of our latest salary survey.  Click here to view sample job descriptions.