On-Campus Recruiting

The Georgia Tech Career Center has 52 interview rooms located in the Bill Moore Student Success Center. Through CareerBuzz these rooms can be reserved by employers for interviews every Fall and Spring semester. Employers' on-campus interview schedules are generated automatically through the online scheduling system which is also where employers can post jobs for which they will be interviewing off-campus.

The Career Center hosts on-campus recruiting during a nine-week period in the middle of both the fall and spring semesters. 

We recommend using fall semester to recruit for spring (January start date) and spring semester to recruit for both summer and fall (May or August start date). It is best to post spring positions in late August or early September and summer or fall positions in January.

Georgia Tech uses CareerBuzz to manage all of its job/internship postings and on campus interviews. 

Although certain days during each semester are in high demand, every effort will be made to accommodate your preferred date. Anticipating your needs early will increase your chances of securing the interview date you prefer and successfully filling your positions.

What’s the difference between On-Campus Recruiting and an Information Session?

Typically, during the on-campus recruiting process recruiters schedule their visit to Tech through CareerBuzz to interview students for open positions.  An Information Session is just that:  an informal presentation by recruiters to inform students about the company and available positions. 
Yes, you can schedule both OCR and Info Session during one visit, but usually, info sessions precede OCR interviews.

Interview Day Logistics

Interviews are conducted in the Bill Moore Student Success Center. Please check-in the Student Success Center Basement area. We open at 8:00 a.m. and the normal interview day is from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Our standard interview schedule offers an hour break for lunch and two 15-minute breaks during the day. You can select twelve 30-minute, eight 45-minute, or six 60-minute interviews per schedule.
Interview Room Cancelation Fee

There is no cost associated with the use of our interview rooms.  However, if you cancel your interview room reservation less than 2 business days prior to the interview date a cancelation fee of $100 will be assessed.

For information regarding directions, parking & hotels, please visit our travel page.

After On-Campus Interviews

After on-campus interviews (or after receiving resumes from your resume referral posting), we recommend following up with students regarding second interviews, offers and declines in a timely manner. Please advise our office job offers, and acceptances. We ask that you follow up verbal offers to students with a written offer letter(email is acceptable)  since the student is required to provide a  copy of the offer letter to the Career Center.

In some cases, students may ask for extensions beyond these recommended deadlines; we hope you will be able to accommodate their requests.

We strongly discourage employers who put pressure on students to accept offers within a very short time period or attach bonuses that “explode” if an offer is not immediately accepted. This method of recruiting students does not benefit the employer and contributes to an ineffective and stressful experience for our students. We ask that if there is a sign-on bonus, it be honored whenever the student accepts the offer.

NOTE: Please respect the commitment that students have for their academics as well as other previously scheduled interviews and refrain from recruiting tactics like this. We appreciate your cooperation in the past, and ask for your flexibility in the future.

Scheduling an Information Session:

Companies may schedule an information session in the Student Success Center for the night prior to their interviews or another date.  This session gives employers the opportunity to showcase their organization to candidates in a group setting.  Instructions for making your reservations are located HERE.

Sending Recruitment Information Early:

If you have recruitment material that you would like to send ahead of time for your interviews or information session, you can mail it to

USPS Shipping Address
Georgia Tech Career Center
219 Uncle Heinie Way
Atlanta, GA. 30332-0105
FedX & UPS Shipping Address
Georgia Tech Career Center
Student Success Center
225 North Avenue NW
Atlanta, GA. 30332-0105

Please mark your material in bold black letters "Hold for Interviewer" or "Hold for Information Session."

Interview Day Internet Access:

Visitors can access our campus network through LAWN (http://www.lawn.gatech.edu/) for a fee of $3.00 for 24 hours, $10.00 weekly, or $30.00 monthly.  Laptops must be equipped with a wireless card.

Please Note: Each semester, companies will need to repost their positions on CareerBuzz. Jobs are not automatically carried over from semester-to-semester, but you can copy and edit a pervious posting rather than re-entering the information.

How do I advertise my job postings to students?

Connect with student organizations on campus.  A list can be found at http://jacketpages.gatech.edu/organizations

Participate in career events, such as mock interviews, career fairs, resume blitz, speaker opportunities, or employer-facilitated workshops/panels.
(PLEASE NOTE:  The Career Center does not directly email students with job postings information.  Students are instructed to visit their CareerBuzz accounts to find job availabilities and information.)
How do I get the most out of my on-campus recruiting visit?

Plan your trip to include multiple recruiting activities, or a combination of events, such as host a networking event for students; participate in an employer panel, or workshop; then conduct your OCR.

Be sure you are proactively monitoring your schedule on CareerBuzz to align your interview schedule and key ‘trigger dates.’
How can I become more involved with the Career Center to maximize my recruiting experience?

Join the Georgia Tech Partner Program.  Participate in a variety of recruiting and career planning activities offered by us throughout the year.  

On-Campus Recruiting Resources: