Experiential Education Stipend :: Application Process

To apply for the stipend students will be required to submit the following information via the Application Form

  • Copy of the formal offer letter (or official offer email) from the experiential education opportunity employer or proof indicating that they are a finalist in the selection process
  • Job description of the internship
  • Details regarding the secured internship opportunity that must be included in the offer letter:

- Organization name
- Experiential Education Opportunity job title
- Geographic location (city, state, country)
- Start and end date
- Contact information of the hiring employer:

  • Full contact name
  • Work phone number
  • Work email


Describe how this specific experiential education opportunity aligns with your current post-graduation plans. Be sure to address the following items (word limit: up to 500 words):

      a. Why did you apply for this experiential education (internship) opportunity?

      b. How will this specific internship/experiential learning opportunity impact your educational experience at Georgia Tech?

     c. What are three learning goals or objectives you have for this experiential education opportunity?