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"Today’s customer occupies a new power position. They want the best product at the most convenient location and the lowest price. And they expect delivery the next day—if not today. Loyalty is no longer dictated by brand, but by the type of service you can provide. Fall short just once and your customer may be gone. Competing in this landscape comes down to the strength and execution of your distribution strategy. No longer viewed as a cost of doing business, distribution becomes a focal point for business growth—your ultimate competitive advantage. But it’s a difficult problem to solve. It takes optimizing numerous complex, interrelated factors – like where to locate fulfillment centers and inventory, when to add capacity, how to optimize transpor­tation – to get the greatest return for the business. These can be “bet the business” type decisions since the consequences will impact the business for years to come. And even harder than choosing the right path, is getting all the stakeholders to support it. The Distribution Experts® At Fortna, we help the world’s biggest brands transform their distribution operations into a competitive advantage. We can help you map the flow of goods, engineer custom distribution operations, select the right equipment, and take your operations to a higher level. By partnering with Fortna our clients are better able to make and keep bold promises to their customers. For example: Accelerating Revenue Growth When ASICS America clocked a healthy 20% surge in revenue for its athletic shoes and apparel, company leadership wanted to capitalize on the brand’s momentum. Fortna mapped out a growth strategy, which included the design and construction of a highly efficient 520,000 square-foot distribution facility. The result: ASICS was quickly able to double its product output and keep its financial growth racing ahead. Keeping Customers Happy MSC Industrial Supply Co. had a winning idea to improve customer satisfaction: provide next day delivery and offer the latest cut-off time for busy companies to order any of its more than 600,000 stocked products. Fortna studied MSC’s complex warehouse operations and found an innovative way to speed up order cycles without overhauling its operations. The result: happier customers and the largest cost savings initiative in MSC Industrial’s history. Driving Business Forward When O’Reilly Auto Parts acquired its largest competitor, it needed to merge both companies’ distribution operations and to deliver immediate financial results. Fortna partnered with O’Reilly to shift the integration into overdrive. The result: an expertly engineered 19-facility distribution network able to serve a combined 3,800 stores with 120,000 SKUs."
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North America: United States: W. Reading, PA (Headquarters), Tampa, FL, Alpharetta, GA, Chadds Ford, P, Brentwood, TN Canada: Toronto, Ontario EMEA: Johannesburg, South Africa, London, United Kingdom , Milton Keynes, United Kingdom Latin America: Santiago, Chile, Bogota, Colombia, Mexico City, Mexico Asia-Pacific: Hanoi, Vietnam
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