Graduate Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When should/can I start utilizing the Career Center?

Ideally, you should start exploring careers as early as your first semester, so that you can apply for internship and research opportunities well before you start your eventual job search. However, we can work with you at any point during your time as a graduate student at GT, and for six months following your graduation.

What services does your office provide?

We provide graduate students a wide array of services that are listed here. Again, this is not an exhaustive list, and if you would like to make an appointment with career advisor for any reason, please visit CareerBuzz and make an appointment there.


How can I make an appointment with a Graduate Career Advisor?

You can make an appointment with a Graduate Career Advisor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by visiting CareerBuzz and making an appointment there.

What can I do to prepare for my appointment?

The important thing is to come with an open mind, ready to take the next steps towards your future. If you don’t know where to start we can help you - wherever you are. Here are some things you might consider doing ahead of time to help prepare yourself for our appointment:

Things to think about…

  • What are your interests (academic/career or otherwise)?
  • What causes do you care about?
  • What kinds of experiences have you already had and how did you feel about them?
  • What do you do well and like to spend your time doing?

I am interested in going to a professional school after my time at GT. Who can I speak with?

Pre-Graduate and Pre-Professional (PGPP) Advising works with students who choose to attend professional or graduate school or pursue prestigious fellowships. PGPP supports students and alumni considering careers in academia, health, law, teaching, and other fields. The PGPP programs and PGPP advisors encourage students to reflect on their knowledge, skills, experience, and strengths to determine the best path forward to their immediate and long-term goals.

Where can I find out about events like Career Fairs, Workshops, or Employer Information Sessions on campus?

The Career Center has an up-to-date list of all upcoming events located here.


Am I able to have an internship as a graduate student?

Yes! The Graduate Internship Program allows you to perform a part-time or full-time internship, maintain full-time enrollment, and gain valuable professional experience—all at no cost to you (please note: international students may have some cost associated with the program). Please visit the link above to find out more and begin the application process.


What specific events and professional development opportunities are offered through your office and Graduate Studies?

Our office, in collaboration with the Office of Graduate Studies and Graduate Student Government is proud to present the Career, Research, and Innovation Development Conference (CRIDC) every January. CRIDC is Georgia Tech’s professional development event for graduate students. CRIDC is held annually at the beginning of the spring semester and is designed to connect graduate students of all degree types with professionals in research, industry, consulting and government, nonprofits, management, and entrepreneurship. CRIDC is designed to equip on-campus and online graduate students with tools and knowledge to thrive in an ever-changing job market. In addition, the Office of Graduate Studies periodically offers professional development events for graduate students throughout the year.


Can I reserve a room for a job interview on campus?

Yes! Our Employer Connections Team can help arrange an interview room for you on campus in the Bill Moore Student Success Center. Please send an email to to reserve an interview room.   You will need your first and last name, GT ID, major, company/organization with whom you are interviewing, and times in which you require the interview.

Does the Career Center provide support/direction to those pursuing academic jobs?

The future faculty team in the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) provide workshops and individual consultations to assist graduate students and postdoctoral scholars in their academic career development. The annual job search series features workshops on academic packet preparation in the fall semester, followed by interviewing and job talk preparation in the spring term. 

The Career Center office provides support for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars exploring their career options broadly. Master’s and Ph.D students seeking career and professional development counseling should make an appointment with a Career Development Advisor in CareerBuzz

Are Career Center services available to postdoctoral scholars?

Postdoctoral Scholars (defined as Postdoctoral Fellows, Postdoctoral Scholars, Teaching Postdocs and those with other appropriate job titles) are welcome to take advantage of the services provided by the Career Center, including graduate career advising appointments, workshops and events, all-majors career fairs, and CareerBuzz.

For career advising appointments, postdocs may email a graduate career advisor directly, or schedule an appointment in CareerBuzz

NOTE:  Postdocs may request access to the CareerBuzz job posting system by entering their username.

Can GT Alumni access the services of the Career Center?

The immediate semester following your graduation from Georgia Tech, you may use CareerBuzz without any fees. GT Alumni will incur a $30.00 per semester fee for access thereafter. You may use CareerBuzz up to 2 years after graduation. Alumni that graduated more than 2 years will receive access to general job posting section only. Alumni Career Services can be reached by clicking here.