Graduate Getting Started

Often, either on a movie or TV mystery or maybe in a school class somewhere along the way, the “Five W’s” have probably come up. So, we wanted to offer you this in the context of our office and our services:

The Graduate Five Ws

Who (are you)?

We are located in the Career Center in the Bill Moore Student Success Center, and the three advisers are here to work with and serve graduate students in their career and professional development journeys at Georgia Tech.

What (do you do)?

We serve graduate students with a variety of career search related needs, such as (but not limited to) resume and cover letter reviews, job search resources and tips, internship processing, assisting with mock interviews, assisting with employer relations connections, leading workshops on a variety of personal and professional development topics, and providing peer mentors to lend you a student perspective on your search. Simply put, what we do is put you in charge of your own life and career search!

Where (are you located)?

We are located virtually within BlueJeans and on-campus in the Bill Moore Student Center. You can make an appointment with an adviser in CareerBuzz 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When (can we set up a meeting)?

Our hours are from 8 AM to 6 PM from Monday to Friday.

Why (is Career Planning important)?

From the handouts for you to take, the career fairs our office provides, having your resume include for potential employers to review,  information on preparing for an interview, and tips for getting involved on campus---we are her for you from day one on campus. Career planning starts now, and we are ready to make this experience fun, valuable, and ultimately---employable!