Hosts: Join by January 6th

Why participate?

Hosting a student can be a fun and rewarding experience! You can advise, influence, and support students as they explore careers.

You'll find that your career can be enhanced by the time and effort you put into helping a student as you hone your coaching skills and become familiar with the new generation entering the workforce.

Host Requirements:

·       Have a 30-minute introductory conversation and  informational interview

·       Host your match(es) on-site for a half-day to a full-day experience

The host will schedule a date for all students to shadow if it's 3+ students.

·       Expose your student to potential career opportunities (via research, informational interviews, professional organizations, networks, etc.).

·       Provide constructive feedback to enhance your student's professionalism and preparedness.

·       Share examples of success and failure from your own experience.

Participate this Year!

·       Complete registration below.

·       Once students apply and are matched, you will be notified, and your student(s) will reach out to you. Please note specific matches are not guaranteed, though host preferences are considered during matching.

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