Interview Attire

Research shows that within the first 4-9 minutes of an interview the recruiter decides whether or not to seriously consider you for a position. One of the best ways to make a good impression is to present a professional appearance. During the interview, unless specifically told otherwise, it is best to wear a business suit.

The following are some guidelines to help you project a professional image:

For Women:

  • A suit with knee length skirt is preferred. A professional pantsuit is acceptable.
  • Select a suit that projects a professional image. Avoid trendy styles.
  • Wear natural colored hose and always have a spare pair with you.
  • Wear closed toe and heel pumps with one to two inch heels.
  • Makeup should be appropriate for daytime.
  • Wear minimal, understated jewelry.
  • Fingernail polish should be understated, preferably clear, and never chipped.

For Men:

  • The best suit is a well-fitted wool blend. Select a suit that projects a professional image. 
  • Avoid trendy styles.
  • Wear a solid white or light blue shirt
  • Neckties change with fashion trends; when in doubt, choose conservative
  • Socks should be a dark color, match the suit and cover the calf
  • Wear a dark leather dress shoe that blends with the suit. Polished shoes are mandatory.

 For Men and Women:

  • Select the best quality clothing you can afford. One good suit with several blouses or 
  • shirts and ties is typically sufficient.
  • Clothing should be neatly pressed/dry cleaned.
  • Attend to personal hygiene.
  • Avoid aftershave, cologne and perfume. Some recruiters have allergic reactions to fragrances.
  • Do not carry extra items into the interview. A portfolio containing extra copies of your resume, transcript and notepaper is preferred.