Interviewing Policies for Students

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We understand that negotiating a job offers is often an exciting, yet also a complex decision, therefore, the Career Center has established a new student renege policy to promote positive recruiting behaviors that we encourage students and employers to honor.

Georgia Tech expects students and employers to honor commitments made during the recruiting process – specifically related to offers of employment for full-time or co-op/internships. Reneges (backing out of or not honoring an agreement that you have entered into) are serious breaches of our recruiting policies. When these happen, it causes damage for the Career Center and Georgia Tech’s relationship with employers, and can affect future opportunities for other Georgia Tech students.

When these instances occur we will investigate the situation and determine the appropriate actions. There may be reasonable circumstances that could result in either students and/or employers altering their commitments.

Potential consequences of violations may include, the following: ·

  • A mandatory meeting with a Career Advisor explaining the reasons for your actions and steps you have taken to manage the situation.
  • Formal letter(s) of apology to the employers impacted by the renege to explain the reasons for your actions.
  • Removal of your resume from all Career Center Resume Books.
  • Loss of access to all recruiting services for a specified time period.
  • Registration for future co-op positions or internships positions (e.g., recommendation for CPT and Audit Course Permits) will not be approved until you have resolved any sanctions related to this process.

If dishonesty is involved, the behavior may be a violation of the Georgia Tech Honor Code and could be subject to additional penalties.