Non On-Campus Recruiting Job Postings

If your company cannot take advantage of On-Campus Recruiting (OCR), we can still advertise your position and have student credentials forwarded to you. Complete a job description on CareerBuzz with your recruiting information. 

Helpful Instructions:

How to Post Your Non-OCR Job (MS Word document | Adobe PDF file)

Special Considerations:

Each year our staff devotes many hours to scheduling and arranging hundreds of campus interviews and resume referrals. Please ensure that your interviewers are scheduled well in advance and that they are committed to the interviewing process at Georgia Tech on their chosen date. Employers who cancel their interview dates at the last minute often gain a negative reputation among students and may find it difficult to attract and hire candidates in subsequent years. 

It is important that when resumes are emailed to your company through the Non-OCR Job Posting process, communication with students and our office takes place in a timely manner. We recommend that you respond to students within two weeks of receiving resumes. Please advise our office of the candidates that you will be interviewing, job offers, acceptances and the date the position has been filled. Employers who personally communicate by correspondence or phone to prospective candidates leave a more favorable impression than those companies that fail to follow up directly with students. We ask that you follow up verbal offers to students with a written offer letter and that you provide a copy of the offer letter to the Center for Career Discovery and Development. We recommend that you give students two or three weeks to respond to an offer. Students often wish to complete their scheduled interviews prior to making their final decision.