Resume Books

As an employer, you can purchase online access to the resumes of current Georgia Tech students and alumni who have graduated during the past two years, and are active in our Career Center database.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are new to our online recruiting system (i.e. CareerBuzz), you must first register your account to receive a personal password to enable you to access the resume book.

You may purchase access to the Full Georgia Tech Online Resume Book for $450, which includes all majors and showcases the most recent information for all undergraduates, Masters and or/Doctoral level students.

You will receive Resume Book access in CareerBuzz upon payment of fees, and that access will only be valid throughout the semester in which you made the purchase.  Please note that processing your Resume Book payment and then providing access can take up to 48 hours.  The current Electronic Resume Book is available for purchase.

Resume Book Access includes the following features:

  • Filter student resumes using keywords, academic major, year in school and degree type  
  • Use the Advanced Search tab to do a more detailed search through the resumes using graduation date. 
  • Email Students
  • Create a subset of the resume book that can be forwarded to others for review 

Resume Book Fee can be paid by credit card at EPAY

For any questions on Resume Books, please contact us at either 404-894-3320 or email Richard South at