Salary Offer Negotiation Tips

Negotiating Salaries
Use Glassdoor to figure out how much the typical salary is
- Use the Glassdoor for the base
- If no base exists, go with base that company offered
If in the interview, you are portrayed as a valuable candidate, you can counter offer
- Valuable Candidate - you have more skills and experiences than they are looking for
- Don't get too greedy
- Use $5,000 as a range
- Example: May offer $3000 and relocation (relocation is a good thing!)
- Better to negotiate over the phone

Things to Think About When Choosing From Multiple Offers
1. Think about yourself
- "Does this job speak to me?"
- Can you visualize yourself doing it for many years
2. The job itself 
-"Is this job visible?"
- Are you a part of a team or will you be working alone
- Think about daily duties and their challenges
- Will you be able to personalize them and exceed?
3. The Company Itself
- How modern is this company?
- Is what the company does viable?
- Is the company "changing with the times"?

Break Down of Salaries
1. Get Base Salary
2. Ask what the salary comprises of
 - Benefits
 - Relocation
 - Signing Bonuses (ask about after salary, benefits, and relocation)
3. Also ask about 
- Hours
- Personal time
- Holidays



  • Ask if you need to show that you are invested in the company before being offered benefits

  • Always ask for relocation (ask for the concrete amount; should be from 2-3 thousand).

  • Do research on how much money it will take for you to move.

  • Make sure they have performance reviews (ideally every 6 months - 1 year)

 - Ask if the performance reviews will be tied into salaries
         - If yes...Want a salary that is tied ONLY to superior performance 

Additional Things to Think About When Choosing Between Jobs
Day to Day
- Think about day to day activities
     - Ask "Walk me through a typical day as your ________"
Ask about the city 
- Research the city
- What are people your age in the city doing?
- Night life; dating
- If your married or want to get married: is it a good play for your spouse and children?
- How much is average rent
- How far away would you live?
- Are there people like me there?
- People who will share your values and have the same ethics
- Look for diversity
Personal Preferences
- Yes personal preferences do matter! (Although don't talk to hiring manager about)
- Are you going to be able to get what you like when you move?
- Weather
- Ability to walk/drive/bus/train/bike to work
Your Future
- Will you still be satisfied 1, 5, 10 years from now.

Turning Down an Offer
 - "Thank you for your job offer. I enjoyed meeting with you, but I have made the decision to accept a job somewhere else"
 - Only if they reach out to you --> you can tell them why your not taking their offer.

Additional things to know when negotiating
*Make them explain healthcare
*Do not negotiate if it's for a co-op or internship
*Do not string a company along

Common Questions
Q: What's the longest time period you can ask for to respond to offer?
A: No more than 2 weeks (mention how you have to involve your family)

Q: How do you juggle multiple offers?
A: Sit down and compare and contrast the offers

Q: Once you accept a job, should you stop interviewing?
A: Yes!! You will be wasting people's time

Q: Cost of living is high, ask for a higher salary?
A: Yes but do research first (i.e. rent, groceries, other costs)

Q: Are we expected to negotiate?
A: They don't want you to but you should if you feel like it's necessary