Career Center After Hours Workshop Requests

The Georgia Tech Career Center receives numerous requests to do presentations to student groups outside of normal business hours. Our staff size and availability to do after hours presentations limits the number of presentations we are able to do, so when we do agree to do a presentation we want to ensure that a minimum number of students will attend. Therefore, we are currently piloting a process to ensure that our workshop presentations are effective.

Student organizations requesting career related workshops outside of normal business hours must do the following:

  1. Fill out the below workshop request form.
  2. All workshop requests must be received by the Career center at least 2 weeks prior to the planned event in order to determine if a staff member is available.
  3. If availability is confirmed, a Career center staff member will follow up with the main contact provided in the Workshop Request Form.
  4. Once a Career center Facilitator is confirmed the organization should begin promoting the workshop. The initial promotion must be distributed no less than one week in advance of the scheduled workshop date.
  5. 5. The Career center facilitator is to be copied on any electronic messages sent to advertise the workshop to GT students.
  6. Organization members/students must RSVP to attend the workshop through CareerBuzz. The career center will list the event in CareerBuzz and provide directions to the organization regarding the RSVP process.
  7. Organizations should ensure that at least 10 members will attend the workshop. Therefore, more than 10 members must have submitted their RSVP at least 2 days prior to the workshop. If more than 10 RSVPs are not received 2 days prior to the workshop, the Career center will notify each of the organization contacts and the members who did submit RSVPs that the workshop has been canceled due to low participation.